Why is Sustainable Investment a Key Priority to Businesses?

Did you know that as per one of the survey reports on environmental degradation, the Asia Pacific region was found to be the largest producer of CO2 emissions? Due to the consistent weather-related catastrophes, the immense pressure on the environment is abysmally alarming. 

This horrifying truth of climate change and environmental degradation has brought companies under pressure to take actual actions on adopting green products and practices to contribute to a low-carbon future. It has instigated more companies to integrate sustainability into their strategic initiatives. 

As reported, many corporate houses are striking back as woke entities understanding how sustainable practices can impact their business. Most importantly, it leaves a legacy for the future generation to follow. 

With such a drive in mind, many companies are taking thoughtful steps. The following are a few of the measures, which are on the top priority list for many global brands:

  • Use of eco-friendly products
  • Lessening wastage of resources 

Let’s unwrap more about how adopting an eco-friendly approach for everyday stationery we use can reduce waste and create a notable impact. 

Diminishing the Bane of Deforestation

According to statistical figures, the world’s 14% deforestation occurs as the cause of the production of papers

And that’s not worse; what’s even more worrying for nature is its current fight for a sustainable existence. 

A healthy environment demands a minimum of 33% of forest coverage. Speaking of India, it has less than 25%, which means not even close to a borderline requisite – which is already alarming! 

So, what can be a sustainable alternative to this deforestation epidemic? 

Where there are problems, there are always solutions. Non-Bleached Recycled papers use 70% less energy & water and considerably reduce solid waste, toxins, water & air pollution. 

That’s right. When you choose recycled and unbleached papers (always reusable!), you take the first step towards a better tomorrow.

The Chant of Go-Green Mantra 

Due to such awakening for sustainability concerns and preservation of nature, many companies have used eco-friendly products and tagged them in this go-green revolution. 

As a business owner, you set an example for thousands by taking this big step for the habitat you owe to. Also, your noble endeavors for the environment would enhance your business against the outdated practices against the sustainability uproar.  

When you adopt green practices, it instills inspiration amongst your employees. From a larger perspective, it also pervades out of the business walls, making this a collective endeavor for everyone in the company. 

Studies revealed that 38% of employees would agree to be more loyal to a company that prioritizes sustainability.  

The Ultimate Step…

Being a contributing element for the drive of sustainability and preserving our mother nature, Benir takes prideful participation in the same. 

We host a broad spectrum of recycled and unbleached products for your office needs as part of the big green revolution that has begun and is gaining momentum each year. Some of our products that significantly add to lessening the waste include:

  • Non-Bleached recycled Paper
  • Recycled envelopes
  • Paper cups
  • Seed pens/pencils
  • Tissues & Toilet rolls
  • Visiting cards and more 

Also, as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility, our MD, Mr. Hirji Narayan Patel, has taken up the leadership to restore life in the deserted and drought-prone areas of Bhachau taluka by rejuvenating lakes for more than 60 villages in the area.

Join hands with us. Let’s make this earth a mark of forever sustainability!

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