Looking out for Compatible Office Supplies Partners? PAUSE, EVALUATE, DECIDE.

The plight of business owners to find the right office supplier for their day-to-day needs is not a new raging issue. It has been a constant from almost day one of their corporate journeys. A study reveals that nearly 67% of businesses globally have recorded persistent complaints about not finding the right one.

So, where does the gap exist? Let’s look at some of the valid points to keep in mind while searching for reliable office suppliers. 

Common Problems with Small Office Supplies Vendors

One of the major problems business owners face is the distinct difference between expectations and reality. When they deal with inexperienced vendors, problems are inevitable such as :

  • Delivery of uncontracted or Inferior quality products
  • Unethical Practices
  • Non-compliance to rules & regulations
  • Untimely Delivery

If you could already relate to what is being said so far, this article will help you make wise decisions about choosing an apt vendor for office supplies from the initial phase itself.  

5 Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing Your Next Office Supplies Vendor

  • Quality Exceeds Expectations

If you go with an established vendor with a pan India presence and solid market reputation, 100% chances are quality will not be compromised as the categories are consolidated appropriately without any mismanagement. 

Moreover, consolidating vendors and categories reduces the time spent on vendor management.

  • Boon of an eProcurement Portal 

Automation is the key to faster and streamlined procurement in this digitized world, where the whole world speeds up on an advanced business mechanism. With an automated procurement process, companies can have efficient business operations that focus beyond just the purchase of goods and services, such as 

  • Total transparency in the ordered products
  • Enhanced control over their budget and costs (with the budget limit feature, approval levels, etc.) 
  • Centralized control over the budget allocation and order process. 
  • MIS reports for making critical decisions.

Accredited office supply vendors maintain an efficient online portal for their customers to enhance their procurement experience with ease and convenience as their primary objective.  

  • A Successful Delivery is a Timely Delivery

If your office supply vendor fails to deliver you on time, it’s an undesirable situation for a business. In a corporate world, where time is money, one cannot compromise on delayed deliveries.

  • Mark of a Brand –Ethics & Commitment 

An accredited vendor will deliver committed items, thereby sincerely adhering to what was initially contracted and promised. 

Without ethics, a business partnership is like a lost ship waiting to sink soon. Finding the right partner for your office supplies must instinctively sync with the morals, values, and ethics that your company desires and practices. 

5. Post-Covid Awareness

Getting back to business from the office in a post-COVID 19 environment has made it even more crucial to maintain absolute sanitization. Only an experienced office supplies vendor can make this effortless for you. Opt for a well-equipped vendor with all kinds of necessary sanitization products complemented with quality.  

We have your back…

Before hiking on the strenuous path of finding the right office supply vendor, you can take the shortest route to the readily available solution – Benir. 

Trusted and acknowledged by global businesses for being their long-term partners for office supplies, Benir has fortified an unquestionable repute for itself. 

Explore the robust and transparent online portal with appreciable features like budget control, monthly spent reports, order approvals, MIS reports, and more.  

If you want to know more, get in touch with us today – https://benir.in/

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